MindCafe is a blog about mind power dedicated to offering you with news, discoveries and advice regarding mind power, self improvement and tips on how to maximize your subconscious mind power to revolutionize your life.

The prospects available to individuals when they recognize and exploit the powers of their mind are unlimited. In addition, individuals are neurologically wired for success and in discovering and fulfilling their potential, they contribute to the whole of humanity. MindCafe teaches you the art of using mind power for being healthy, wealthy and wise.

Mind Power

About Mindcafe:  Mindcafe was created to open  up our readers to the wonders of the human mind. We want to explore the very limits of what’s possible with the human brain – how mental disorders can lead to cures, and how the power of mind over body can save lives.

At Mindcafe, we occasionally feature books or products that can help our readers develop and explore their own mental strengths. We would love to hear your recommendations for books that have changed your lives, and opened your eyes to the world around you.

Our Team

The Mindcafe team is composed of talented writers, editors, and a network of mental health experts. Here are some of the people who bring you the content you find on Mindcafe.org:

Jonathan Gordon – Owner of Mindcafe, Jonathan is an entrepreneur bursting with questions. After a recent struggle, and amazing success at using willpower and perseverance to give up smoking, Jonathan is more determined than ever to show his readers how they can open up their minds to healthy life changes.

Martha Garcia – Martha is the one who ensures that Mindcafe is filled with interesting topics to learn about. She’s always on the lookout for news and information that she can bring to the readers.

Melinda Corley – Melinda is the chief editor at Mindcafe, and she’s the one who makes sure that new topics brimming with useful information are always in the pipeline. With her team of writers, Melinda sees to it that interesting articles are written in a way that’s fun and easy for mental health professionals and lay people alike to enjoy.