Dec 28 2011

How to Use Your Mind Power to Work on Your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is not just about partying ‘til you drop and watching all those glamorous fireworks light up the festive night sky; it’s also a time to be thankful for the blessings you received in the past year while looking forward to bigger and better things that the New Year will bring. A recurring theme when the midnight of January 1 arrives is every person’s desire for self improvement, which is usually recognized in a list called “New Year’s Resolutions”.

Some people may find it corny to acknowledge and enumerate their mistakes in order for them to find solutions to address their issues, but listing your New Year’s resolutions is actually a good thing. Aspiring for self improvement usually helps you get better at what you do and find a certain peace with living a fruitful existence at the same time. All you have to do is find a means to make your New Year’s Resolutions work- not only for the first few weeks of the year, but for the rest of your life.

The art of using mind power is a very obvious and straight-forward way of making your New Year’s resolutions last. Acknowledging that there are still areas in your life that needs improvement is the first step toward achieving improvement. By simply setting your mind to discard your bad habits by using persuasive mindpower, you might surprise yourself at how fast you are able to adapt to your resolutions for the better.

If you are wondering how to go about your New Year’s resolutions, we recommend that you begin with the small, tiny things in your list, such as promising to wake up as soon as your alarm clock rings or keeping in mind to do the laundry exactly once a week. Going straight for big things such as getting promoted this New Year is quite hard if you don’t do anything about your tardy-knock-the-alarm-clock-off habit. This is where mind power comes in; open your mind and let yourself admit your weaknesses. Accept that your weaknesses have solutions (aka resolutions) and that you can solve these personal issues all by yourself. List your solutions down and make several handy copies that you can stick on your bed side, wallet, monitor- even a digital copy on your mobile phone would work. Use your mindpower by subconsciously conditioning your mind to these resolution mantras and you will find yourself adjusting and making these resolutions your newest habits.

All of us are looking forward to the New Year, and we at MindCafé are wishing for the best of our loyal readers. 2012 surely looks good, and with a strong mindpower and unwavering desire for self improvement, life will surely be much sweeter and greener. Happy new year everyone!

Dec 19 2011

Meditation and the Art of Using Mind Power: How to Get What You Want in Life

People from all races have practiced meditation and ages across the centuries, so it comes as a big surprise when you get raised eyebrows and an insistent “no” when you ask people today if they practice the art of meditation. To most people, meditation is merely sitting on the floor, in a cross-leg position, keeping your back straight, closing your eyes, and resting your arms on your thighs with the middle finger and thumb joined together and pointing upwards. In truth, there is more to meditation than maintaining a solemn posture, and what it can provide when practiced is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

The religious use meditation in an attempt to seek solace from this busy world in order to find a peaceful ‘place’ where they can converse with “God”. However, did you know that meditation is, in itself, an art of using mind power? Practicing meditation is not just a means to communicate with a higher power; it is also a perfect means of communicating with your inner self. People who have struggled through anger, addictions, and traumatic experiences can attest to how powerful meditation can be as an influence for self-improvement. Meditation gurus also recommend the practice in order to make self-improvement tips more effective. In essence, meditation is merely using your mind power to channel your internal energies toward the direction of your goals and aspirations.

The next big question that comes to mind about meditation is, “How can you access and channel your mind power to help you achieve great things?” The answer to this question depends upon the person. A person who wishes to succeed in life will do so when he/she has enough motivation. Motivation is a form of mind power and is an excellent means of gauging how much you will strive to achieve your goals. People who are easily demotivated at the first sign of trouble are more likely to have weak mind power and a slimmer chance to succeed, and vice-versa. To succeed and harness your mind power, you should only be genuinely motivated, and that means working hard for the things you sincerely want the most.

Meditation comes in different forms: in prayer, while sitting at the base of a waterfall, while doing yoga, etc. However, it is geared to accomplish one thing: to channel your internal energies and awaken your mind power to help you succeed. Never underestimate the powers of the mind if you plan to accomplish something or be something in your life.


Dec 12 2011

The Art of Using Mind Power to Aid in Self Improvement

Many people are skeptics when they hear that the mind of an individual is a very strong driving force that can alter the whole universe should it wish. These people are commonly stuck in a “rat race”- working for the money, the fame, and the expensive toys without really knowing why they do the things they do. These people are usually never contented with what they have, and they end up slaving for things that are inessential nonetheless.


If you have come to the point of feeling that there is more sense to this world than what money and fame could offer, your mind is calling to you to work on the most important thing you can do for yourself: self improvement. A constant yearning for something more does not always mean a deprivation for an important thing. Your mind may be simply sending the message that there are things you have to achieve for yourself as an individual and not as a working slave of this highly commercial world.

Don’t take this wrongly: mind power is not just about telekinesis, ESP, or all the other special things you encounter in sci-fi movies. Mind power is a real thing with real powers and real influence. If you want to change yourself for the better, you have to harness your mindpower to set the wheels of change into motion. Without a strong mind power, your efforts at self improvement will prove to be futile and you will end up just as “empty” as you felt before.

Self improvement tips are proven to be more effective when practiced with a healthy and powerful mind. However, this is a slow process that you should be patient with. Boost your mind power by believing in this mantra: “the mind is powerful and it will lead you where you want to be.” Success is far from your mind if you have poor mind power. If you are pessimistic when it comes to your thoughts, you are likely to die as a big failure, just as you thought.

On the contrary, thinking positively helps your mind unleash powers far beyond your imagination. Every action you make will be influenced by an unconscious need to succeed. All your decisions will be made with your goals in mind. And lastly, your strong mind power will help you constantly change for the better and ultimately lead you to your sense of fulfillment.

Your body can be as strong as a bull’s, but its potential can only be as strong as your mind. Self improvement can be achieved by harnessing your mind power. Work on your mindpower today if you want to become a positive and fulfilled individual for the rest of your life.