Nov 27 2008

7 Ways to Spot a Liar using Mind Power

It is said that the man is by nature, trusting – and inclined to be fooled by more bewitching, innocent-looking cute faces. Still, men are also by nature intelligent: and can learn a few mind power tips to make sure they AREN’T fooled again…

It’s not human nature to discover lies, but we can learn how. Thanks to the God-gifted  Mind Power.

1) Be Aware

Can you really trust her? You wish to, don’t you? A Beautiful Liar…

Be aware of your own preconception. Pretty and killer faces are likely to fool you into thinking the person is more dependable. Con artists — and dates — that are good-looking are psychologically more likely to convince you they’re telling the truth. With respect to biology, we are more prone to symmetry in nature. Overcome this preconception. Liars don’t wear it on their faces. Be aware of your own motives, as well. Sometimes liars do well because we just want to believe what they say. “Really? I can make a million dollars at my poolside, merely because you say so?” or: “Honestly? You didn’t arrive home last night because you were rescuing a family of puppies from drowning, and it took you all that time to find them all good homes?” Come ON.

2) We Won’t Get Fooled Again…

Microsigns are not usually this obvious – but they’re there. Pay attention.

Don’t get fooled by the stereotypes and notions. Not all liars blink, flash their eyes away from you, rub their noses, or shift uncomfortably. In reality, practiced and “master” liars DON’T. They’ll give you a fine, solid and confident look in the eye. To discover whether people are lying, pay deep attention to their mannerisms and their way of speech. Ready Set Go …Lets go! Is this a person who USUALLY rubs their nose, shifts uncomfortably, or flashes their eyes? If so, when they are lying to you, they may not actually do this. Concentrate on their DIFFERENT behavior. What you will be hunting, generally, are what psychology experts name “microsigns.” They typically occur for less than a second, but they point out “unfitting emotions.” Giveaways – very, very slight and delicate- that the person is trying to tell one thing, but actually feeling another.

3) Catching the Signal…

This male cat, Simba, is a master hypnotist… Believe me! Are you smarter than a 5th  Grader Cat?

Research reveals that only less than 15 of almost 20,000 people studied have got a natural ability to detect these involuntary signals, and they aren’t all detectives and law enforcement officials. Look for a gesture in the middle of a positive statement, for example, or a suspiration, sigh. Although some people are naturally trained at this, with practice, this mind power technique can be easily learned.

4) Poor Plot Kills Liars

Liars who are telling you WAY more than you need to hear about their excuses are  probably not believable.

Some elements to look for in a liar include either a lack of specific detail in his story or too much detail. Give careful consideration to the circumstances. For example, often a liar has to cook up a story on the spot. But in that instance, to ferret out the lie, nonchalantly let the liar to repeat the story by making questions. The details will conflict or be discrepant. In the case of too much specifics, this will be clear, because the liar will be talking and pretending way too much.

5) “First-Person” Words

For liars, it’s never “all about me.”

As reported by a language-analysis software based study, liars also tend to make use of less “first-person” words such as “I” or “me” in their spoken and written speech.

6) No Face-to-Face

Damn him for lying us, damn him damn him damn him.

Liars, it’s been observed, find it easier to lie on the phone, perhaps because of the depersonalization – and no face-to-face conversation.

7) Skepticism and Critical Thinking

I’m not a liar like this bloody humankind. ..

The main thing is to keep in mind that while one does not wish to lose one’s faith in humankind, a little skepticism goes a long way.