Meditation and the Art of Using Mind Power: How to Get What You Want in Life

People from all races have practiced meditation and ages across the centuries, so it comes as a big surprise when you get raised eyebrows and an insistent “no” when you ask people today if they practice the art of meditation. To most people, meditation is merely sitting on the floor, in a cross-leg position, keeping your back straight, closing your eyes, and resting your arms on your thighs with the middle finger and thumb joined together and pointing upwards. In truth, there is more to meditation than maintaining a solemn posture, and what it can provide when practiced is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

The religious use meditation in an attempt to seek solace from this busy world in order to find a peaceful ‘place’ where they can converse with “God”. However, did you know that meditation is, in itself, an art of using mind power? Practicing meditation is not just a means to communicate with a higher power; it is also a perfect means of communicating with your inner self. People who have struggled through anger, addictions, and traumatic experiences can attest to how powerful meditation can be as an influence for self-improvement. Meditation gurus also recommend the practice in order to make self-improvement tips more effective. In essence, meditation is merely using your mind power to channel your internal energies toward the direction of your goals and aspirations.

The next big question that comes to mind about meditation is, “How can you access and channel your mind power to help you achieve great things?” The answer to this question depends upon the person. A person who wishes to succeed in life will do so when he/she has enough motivation. Motivation is a form of mind power and is an excellent means of gauging how much you will strive to achieve your goals. People who are easily demotivated at the first sign of trouble are more likely to have weak mind power and a slimmer chance to succeed, and vice-versa. To succeed and harness your mind power, you should only be genuinely motivated, and that means working hard for the things you sincerely want the most.

Meditation comes in different forms: in prayer, while sitting at the base of a waterfall, while doing yoga, etc. However, it is geared to accomplish one thing: to channel your internal energies and awaken your mind power to help you succeed. Never underestimate the powers of the mind if you plan to accomplish something or be something in your life.


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