Brain Leaders and Learners- Practical Tactics from Neuro Discoveries with Dr. Ellen Weber

I found this fantastic Brain Leaders and Learners blog when I was surfing the Internet for interesting information to share with you guys. What I saw was an elegant web page containing great, insightful and knowledgeable articles related to “practical neuro-applications to facilitate changes you want to realize”. I was highly impressed with the project that I saw, and the effort that the writers are putting into this site, so I thought I should hash out its details on our Mind Power Blog.

The Award-Winning Founder

According to their About page, the blog is owned and administrated by Dr. Ellen Weber; CEO and President of MITA International Brain Based Center for Renewal in Secondary and Higher Education, an author, lecturer and columnist. She’s also a reputed Radio & Television guest and has received the Greater Rochester Quality Council’s 2004 Award for Excellence.

Using Roundtable Learning

In her most famous work “MI Strategies in the Classroom and Beyond: Using Roundtable Learning”, Dr. Ellen provides a collection of practical secondary- and college-level classroom applications of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences to free students’ learning potential and enhance creative expression.

What’s Inside

Brain Leaders and Learners is a blog that discusses interesting topics including, but not limited to, the practical Tactics from Neuro Discoveries. If you ask me, I liked the “Brain Surgery on Twitter”, “Myths that Shape Secondary Schools”, “10 Tragic Traits in Mind of a Cynic” and “Social Media Helps or Hurts Brainpower” articles the most. What I think the powerful content featured on this site is a blend of Dr. Ellen’s unquestionable experience, brilliant expertise, consistent arguments and commitment in debating motivation, brain power and productivity.

Visit the blog and let us know what you think!

5 Responses to “Brain Leaders and Learners- Practical Tactics from Neuro Discoveries with Dr. Ellen Weber”

  • Lisa Says:

    Great find. Enjoyed reading this blog.

  • Ellen Weber Says:

    Many thanks Mohib, for your kind words, and generous links. Oh, and what a wonderful site to blogroll. We need many more leaders in this field, to help move cutting-edge research into doable practices that improve people’s lives!

    It will be fun to send BrainLeadersandLearners community over here also since we come at similar issues from delightfully different angles! How exciting to find another lived experience site, Mohib! Keep tossing that wit n’ wisdom around and we’ll catch some of it and toss our 2-bits into the ring too!

  • Robyn McMaster Says:

    Ellen has the knack to tip problems upside down. People enjoy her wit and her tips on the brain. That makes a read of Brain Leaders and Learners so worthwhile.

    Great to see you value her work, too.

  • J. Coy Says:

    Thanks to sharing

  • Yurun Says:

    Nice blog. Thanks.