8 Anorexian Celebs You May Never Have Seen Before!

One of the more uncommon health disorders to be lately discovered has been Anorexia Nervosa, a psychological disorder characterized by loss of appetite with secondary malnutrition and hormonal changes.

The condition, which is fundamentally categorized as an eating disorder, has been evidenced to show signs of emergence during the early teen years. Moreover, the disorder has also indicated signs of being highly prevalent within girls, with only rare cases of men suffering from it being evidenced. In this article, we will show you fun pictures of 8 celebrities who appear to be affected with Anorexia Nervosa.

1- Angelina Jolie

Skinny Angelina Jolie

2- Lindsay Lohan

Skinny Lindsay Lohan

3- Jessica Simpson

Skinny Jessica Simpson

4- Jennifer Aniston

Skinny Jennifer Aniston

5- Christina Aguilera

Skinny Christina Aguilera

6- Keira Knightley

Skinny Keira Knightley

7- Lindsay Lohan With Nicole Richie

Skinny Lindsay Lohan With Nicole Richie

8- Elisha Cuthbert

Skinny Elisha Cuthbert

Image courtesy of the Freaking News

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