6 Steps to Recession Proof Your Job


Studying how to recession proof your family at this time is very important, both to plan for the odds of layoff and flourish even during the recession. This article will explore six possible steps to recession proof your job.

As of last week, United States Government has publicly announced that the unemployment rate is at freaking 8%. Of course that’s alarming, but it also entails that 92% of Americans still have a job. They have a job that they’re frightened of losing. There are various simple steps that can keep you away from being laid off, and help you stay positive in your job.

1. Be Alert!

Be Alert

Don’t let your office’s economic position be an enigma to you. Trickle down communication doesn’t always convey the most accurate information or the most current. Familiarize yourself with trade publications, blogs and online resources specific to your industry. You may learn that industry insiders are speculating that your company will have layoffs soon. But you may also learn that a certain project is getting lots of buzz. By staying on top of the game, you may be able to position yourself onto the buzz project and avoid a layoff. At the very least, you may have time to prepare and the layoff won’t be a surprise.

2. Networking Works!


Networking isn’t only for the unemployed or sales people. Many professionals actively employed are always building their contacts. The idea behind this is by building relationships with people in your industry, you’ll be better positioned when you do need (or want) a job. There are several methods to do this. Join professional organizations geared toward your industry. Join LinkedIn. Join Twitter. The thing with networking is you must take a proactive approach. The contacts won’t come to you on a platter. You will be required to go join them wherever they are located.

3. Create Your Own Value

Create Value

You need to find ways to set yourself apart from Mr. XYZ Coworker. See if your industry has any special certifications that you can do to give you more knowledge in your field. If not, take a class at a local community college that would give you more experience or specialization. The advantage of this is two-fold. It shows you are passionate about your career and it makes you more knowledgeable in your field.

4. Go Above and Beyond…

Go Beyond

Sure, everyone has duties that they must get done. But do those and then some. Volunteer yourself for exceptional projects. Look around and find a way your company can cut costs without cutting quality. Be inventive. Also, be sure your boss and their boss know about. Don’t do it silently but don’t be obnoxious about it.

5. It Can Be Beneficial Having More Than One Income

Multiple Income

Even if you have a great full-time job, it’s not a bad idea to have a source of extra income on the side, whether it’s some consulting work or selling collectibles on eBay. With job security so missing these days, more jobs imply more job security. If you are dismissed from one, at least you still have the other one. You may not be earning as much money as you were before, but every little cent helps.

6. Positivity – The Key to Life’s Success


Yes, it’s scary. Sure you want to talk about the possibility of getting laid off with your coworkers. But a confident and positive stance goes a long way. Lay offs are bad for employee morale. Poor morale negatively impacts work ethic. By keeping a positive attitude and applying that in your work, you show management that despite the downturn, you are still committed to your job and the company.

These tips are by no means a guarantee but they won’t hurt and can really help. Plus, be sure to always keep your resume up-to-date and the names of a few good headhunters handy.

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